Terms and Conditions


Terms and conditions on this page govern your usage of the website. If you disagree with any part of these terms and conditions or terms and conditions on the whole, you should not use our website hereafter.

If you submit your personal information, register with our website, or use products and services on our website, you have to verify that you have accepted our terms and conditions. Our website uses cookies and you will consent to our use of these cookies associated with  the terms of our privacy as well as cookies policy.

License to use our website

You may

  • View, download, and print any page on our website in a browser
  • Stream audio and video content from our website
  • Use our products and services through a web browser
  • Not allowed do download materials, edit content, sell, republish, or exploit materials not permitted expressly

We have the whole right to restrict your access to any area on our website. You must not bypass any kind of access restriction measure available in our website.

Acceptable use 

You should not

  • Do anything that damage to accessibility, performance, availability, or anything associated with our website
  • Use our website illegally
  • Copy, store, send, use, distribute, transmit, or publish any material that has a computer virus, spyware, worm, rootkit, keystroke logger, Trojan Horse, and any other malicious software
  • Conduct data collection automatically related to our website without our permission
  • Use data collected from our website for indirect or direct marketing purposes

You have to make sure that the details given by you are accurate and up-to-date.

Communication facilities

We have the best in class chat rooms, bulletin boards, and other types of communication facilities to collect feedbacks from users. These communication facilities are designed to enhance the way users of the website and customers of our business connect with us.  You do not do the following activities while using our communication facilities.

  • Restrict any other user from using the forum
  • Post unlawful content
  • Post content or any other material that violates the rights of any other person
  • Post promotional materials
  • Delete author attributions
  • Download a file posted by any user of a forum when such file cannot be distributed legally.

Registration and accounts

  • You must be at least 18 years old to register on our website.
  • You can register on our website easily by submitting the account registration form after its completion properly.
  • You have to notify us if you know any unauthorized use of your account
  • You should not use an account of any other person without his or her permission to access our website

User IDs and passwords

  • You should choose a user ID and password when you register for an account on our website.
  • Your user ID must be unique and comply with the content rules.
  • You have to maintain your password confidential and notify us if you know the revelation of your password
  • You are responsible for your password confidentiality

Account cancellation and suspension

  • We may edit your account details, suspend or edit your account at any time without any notice or explanation to you.
  • You may cancel your account by using the account control panel available in our website.

Limited warranties

We do not represent or warrant

  • Any product or service on the website and the whole website will remain available
  • The material on the website is accurate and up-to-date

We have the right to alter or discontinue any element of the website at any time without notice or explanation.


Our website contains some links that direct you to other websites. We are not responsible for these websites and your privacy in these websites at any time.  You have to use such third party sites at your own risk. We provide third party links for your convenience.

Breaches of these terms and conditions        

If you violate or we suspect that you breach these terms and conditions in any way at any time, we may

  • Send you a formal warning
  • Suspend your access to our website temporarily
  • Prohibit your access to our website permanently
  • Block computers of your IP address to access our website by contacting your Internet Service Provider
  • Take legal action against you
  • Suspend or delete your account