Privacy Policy


Our Privacy Policy page describes how we collect and use your personal information. This policy applies to your conduct on this website. You have to read these policies in addition to the Terms and Conditions before you use this website.

We respect your privacy 

We ensure that your privacy is vital at all the time.  You have the complete right to control every associated with your personal information. We maintain your privacy as maximum as possible. The following details assist you to identify how we collect and use your personal information. We are dedicated to protecting your privacy in every possible way. We give you a choice to decide on who can use your details and how it can be used.

Collection and usage of personal information

We may collect and retain your personal details when you give such details in a letter, email, online chats, facsimile, direct meeting, telephone call, submission of an online form, access to any of our services, third-party submission of your personal details, or information submitted to us automatically by data exchange between systems.

We collect information legally from you rather than a third party.

We may receive unsolicited information about you. In such situation, we treat such information as solicited information. We will destroy unsolicited personal information when we collect such information illegally as solicited information.

We collect your personal information that includes your name, contact address, email address, business or employer name, business role or employment position, phone number, product, service, purchases, enquires, and other categories of information.

Once you have submitted your personal details to us, you permit that you have received essential approvals from relevant persons to collect, use and reveal your personal information as per this privacy policy.

We may make use of your personal details for usual internal business purposes and communicate with you promptly to give details about our products and services of our company or any third-party or other reasonable purposes related to our business operations.   You have a chance to choose not to receive any kind of communications from our company, at the time you submit your personal details or later. We use your personal information and contact you to

  • Respond to your enquiries
  • Give details about products and services
  • Generate customer profiles for promotions and marketing
  • Send marketing communications
  • Make sales calls
  • Recommend solutions
  • Do daily administrative issues

We may use a third party to provide any service related to your profession. Your personal information may be stored in the third party’s physical infrastructure. However, we have the complete logical control in this information.  The third-party does not have the power to access and make public such information.

Our company will not transfer your personal information overseas. We collect and use your personal information to assist you as per your requirements about our products and services.  You may do not like to provide your personal information. If you do not give your personal information to us, then you should not be allowed to complete the relevant process.

We improve our efforts and resources to maintain the overall security precautions required for protecting personal information from loss, unauthorized access, disclosure, modification, and misuse. On the other hand, we are unable to give you a guarantee about no possibility for the unauthorized access to information submitted by you.

We destroy your personal information when we no longer require such information.  We store your personal information out of harm’s way and secure it as efficiently as possible.

You may submit your personal information to any other website accessed through our website. We are not responsible for anything associated with such websites. You have to check the privacy policy of such websites before you submit any personal information.

Cookies and clickstream data    

We may use any genre of cookies with reference to your use of the website. In general, a cookie is a small collection of data placed by websites when users visit them. The main purpose of a cookie is to track the pages users have visited. We ensure that we do not use cookies to recognize you personally.

Once you have visited our website, our servers may start recording details regarding your access and usage of our website. Details on the subject of use of the site are collectively called as clickstream data.  We may make use of the clickstream data and determine the overall traffic through the server. We may also identify access levels to particular pages.  We will not identify you or your browsing activities through the clickstream data except when we suspect an unauthorized access or usage of the site has taken place or may take place.

Correct details and access to personal information

We will make sure that all your personal information submitted to our website is up-to-date and correct.  We will provide you an instant access to your personal information subsequent to a reasonable request. However, your access will not be unlawful, impact on others’ privacy.

You have the complete right to contact us and correct errors in the personal information you have submitted to us. You can contact us whenever you have any question or complaint about anything associated with this privacy policy.